AIR.TV offers publishers a huge library of
premium videos, in a free embeddable player,
and AIR.TV pays publishers for every view.

AIR.TV Publisher

Track and monetize your social video embeds.

Free to use & fully-automated: Add one line of code to your site, and immediately start generating revenue and data.

Track: Get detailed viewership stats for the videos you embed from YouTube, Facebook & Twitter

Monetize: If you embed a video from a social platform that is also in the AIR.TV library, we will replace that unpaid embed with an AIR.TV embed of the same video, and pay you a share of ad revenue for every view.

Engage: After every view, AIR.TV recommends additional content, or your own video content, to keep your users engaged and on-site.



AIR.TV Portal

Browse, search and embed videos from AIR.TV’s curated video library.

Browse: AIR.TV Portal curates the best of the best video content into publisher-focused channels that cover news, entertainment, music videos, pets, parenting, and many more: Embed anything you like, and get paid for every view.

Search: If you know what you are looking for, AIR.TV search will find it, and show you related videos that are trending right now.

Distribute: Do you create brand safe video content? We will actively promote your content to our network of publishers, and make it available for embed from the AIR.TV portal: You can sell the ads, or have us sell them for you.


AIR.TV for Advertisers

Advertisers use AIR.TV to access premium pre-roll video inventory across brand safe, content focused websites.

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